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[02 Jul 2010|08:09pm]
My goodness it has been a long time. I join Facebook and pretty much abandon lj. I'm currently in Japan and will be returning to America in August, the day before the new episode of Metalocalypse is suppose to air! I'm studying abroad for a year in Japan, a year that is almost over :( I've also been hard at work on my Youtube account doing video game walkthroughs. I just recently started a game blog that I'm hoping to escalate to a broadcast/podcast.

Apparently The Last Airbender movie sucks. Even though I did want it to be terrible, I feel other fans pain who wanted it to be good. I went through that pain with Book 3. Book 3 killed a good deal of my love for the series that I could no longer watch the previous two seasons despite being addicted to them. I still have enough for fanfiction and fanart, but that's kind of sad when all the love you have for a series is to get away from the canon. A new series is being worked on called Legend of Korra. Hopefully we are dealing with a female avatar. I'm kind of hoping it's a prequel series, but I feel like it will be a sequel with the next waterbender avatar. I was working on a "sequel" in my own right. I should still do it, but it kind of saddens me as it won't be as cool otherwise.

Been watching a lot of Lost lately. I decided to watch it after the series ended and been renting DVDs like crazy!! OMG it is so addicting and interesting!

I don't want to type much for now. Who knows if I will be back?
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Quarantine [23 Oct 2008|01:08am]
I actually saw this thing last week, but now started to talk about the film. Quarantine is actually a remake of a Spanish Horror film called REC. You can go on youtube, search REC and should find the film with subtitles on the second page. REC is filmed with the shaky camera technique, and if you even so think it is a Cloverfield ripoff you are wrong! This film was released in Spain two months before Cloverfield was world-wide. I had to correct someone who refused to see it thinking it was a ripoff on Cloverfield. No, Quarantine is a remake of REC which was around before Cloverfield. Diary of the Dead was around before Cloverfield as well. Cloverfield was just popular and recent.

Moving on, Quarantine is about a female reporter for a night show and a cameraman who spend the night shift with firemen. When things are starting to get boring at the station, they get a call that an elderly woman has trapped herself inside her apartment. They meet up with the police at the apartment and force entry into the apartment. But something is not quite right with the woman. She's bleeding profusely and not responding to the calls of the police. The cameraman turns on his light which frightens the woman and goes into a panic. She then bites one of the police officers. They try to get him out of the apartment, but the military has closed off the building. Why would they do that? What could they possibly be trying to keep in the apartment that badly?

The film had some real intense moments. The shaky camera technique makes this feel more like an actual event than Cloverfield did. Despite that the characters do some incredibly stupid things, it still has a frightening atmosphere. Quarantine actually shows how serious the military is compared to REC. The acting, while good, is just a bit more campy compared to REC. If you would like to see a good zombie film this Halloween, this is for you.

My experience might have been better if I went alone or with my mom. I went to see this with a friend who was just laughing at every moment! That's annoying! Sure, there was stupidity in the characters and the main character does get somewhat annoying at the end (but reasonably so), it still was not that funny. I somewhat berated her for it after the movie. I did have fun with her and I wished some more of my friends could go (both of us were done with classes while others weren't and were not that interested in seeing a horror film), but I doubt I will watch another horror film with her, unless I go with someone else and don't sit next to this girl. Mommy would have been scared, all she needs is mild entertainment. I kind of want to make her watch an Uwe Boll film, just to see if I should think that lowly of her taste in films.
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Excited by Kingdom Hearts [01 Oct 2008|05:40pm]
I don't know why I'm all of a sudden excited about Kingdom Hearts. Maybe my own heart is anticipating the DS and PSP releases. Apparently, both handhelds are getting their own exclusive game. One will focus on the secret ending that was in KHII (PSP) the other will focus on Organization XIII (DS). I don't have a PSP, but I hope this can wait to come out. Maybe I'll ask my parents for one instead of a 360....I'm going to keep waiting on that 360 forever...I'm kind of saddened by that. They just need to have a rent-a-console thing. This is too expensive otherwise.

Birth by Sleep apparently we will be able to go to Snow White's and Sleeping Beauty's world. I hope Prince Philip makes an appearance. I'm looking forward to these. Also, this December, the Chain of Memories PS2 remake will be coming out. I'm not fond of card-based combat, but I hope it is much better in this one. Maybe the more cinematic cutscenes will help. KHII was pretty confusing since I did not beat CoM. I kind of want to replay the KH games, but there were some boss battles in KHII that I just do not want to go through them again! I heard Final Mix had some more difficult ones that even the staff had a hard time beating.
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The Finale *groan* [20 Sep 2008|04:24pm]
Okay, Book 3 Disc 4 did disappoint me. Here is why.

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The Western Air Temple to The Boiling Rock [18 Sep 2008|12:49am]
I just finished watching the entire Disc 3 of the Book 4 boxset. I will finish the rest of it tomorrow after class. Since this could be quite long, I will put my thoughts behind a cut for the sake of the five people who befriended me and might care.

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Book 3 [16 Sep 2008|01:12pm]
So, I bought the darned thing. I will probably watch it later tonight, but that depends, I do have things to do. I will post what I think about Season 3 later. Do not be surprised if I appear negative towards it. I don't expect the second half to change how I feel about the series when the first half just broke my fan heart.
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[04 Sep 2008|07:42pm]
Okay, so I found out some info on the guy I like. Surprise, he's single, but probably not looking for a relationship. I can dig that. Unfortunately, he is super Christian. Ugh. I have a huge issue with Christianity because just about everyone at church and the babysitter my mom would drop us off to were like uber-mean to me. I was always made fun of by the kids in church group and the babysitter was an abusive cunt. I know most Christians aren't like that in anyway, but then I have to hear about Jesus from the others who I just consider a lovable stoner. My friend suggested I talk to him, he's a real nice guy and won't be a total asshole and stuff. I'd much rather be friends with him than in a relationship. I plan on going to Japan this year and I don't want to start something unless I know if I'm going or not. Because I'll have to end whatever in March. It's not fun to be a year abroad while being in a relationship, and it's not fair for the other person at home. I like the Japanese men as well. Oh, so gorgeous.
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Just an Update on Life [28 Aug 2008|12:17pm]
I finally left the avatar fans community. As the series is over and basically all they talk about are some of the dumbest things now a days, I just was like, no, I'm done. I'm not going to join in on the M. Night film "hype". I'm still part of other communities and will still contribute to the avatar online community, just not through here really.

So, with that, I'm going to talk about my personal life. School just started last week and so did my period so I'm at a really emotional level right now. Well, just so happens that there is this guy at school who I think is oh so dreamy, don't really know him all that well, but I've talked to him before and seems like a normal guy. We aren't in any of the same classes though, so I don't get to see him. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I do see him in the hallways. I don't have really any more courage than to look at him and acknowledge him. He acknowledges me as well apparently. At the end of last semester, I did gain some balls and smiled, and he smiled back, but that was it. My heart gets real tight when I saw him. I unexpectedly saw him before class today (I usually see him after) and I couldn't focus in class. I was shaking. Oh, I hate it!
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Genki Rockets [21 Aug 2008|10:05pm]
I doubt anyone who reads these know who this group is. Well, technically it isn't a group. It's more or less a musical project where the singer, Lumi, is composed of twelve singers. Lumi is the first born human in space and has never been to Earth. She yearns to come here and sings songs to us. The main singer for her is someone named Rachel Rhodes and also seems to be the model for her in her videos. If you are in anyway familiar with them, you might have heard Heavenly Star in games such as Lumines II and No More Heroes. They've released more videos and songs, a popular one being Breeze. Personally I like this group. They aren't too techno, but are quite enjoyable. It's not the typical J-pop candy-ness that we are use to seeing coming out of there.

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Soft Pr0n? [16 Aug 2008|10:57pm]
So, I was at the Barnes and Noble today looking at manga, see if there is anything new. When a couple of, well, middle school boys were talking loudly about how manga and anime is nothing but soft core porn. Now, we all know that more and more sexual manga have been coming over to the US, but I don't see anime, at least the easy access ones, being all that sexual. The ones that are are made with the intent for an older demographic in Japan. Most that come over are for children in the US while the ratings change for more adults, Death Note is one that comes to mind (yes, it's a kids manga over there). I can point out many that are not pornographic at all. Though, I wonder if boob grabbing counts? No, no it doesn't. There are plenty of US comics that are very sexual, so why must they be excluded? Maybe because a good deal of manga have a more shallow story, mainly because the majority of them are for young kids. Considering these are boys and young ones at that, I doubt they go away from the BLEACH and Naruto manga that are so popular with that crowd. Also made me curious if they look at the hardcore ones where you rape every female you see and tentacle porn.
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Moved In! [09 Aug 2008|10:51pm]
I have finally finished moving into my apartment!! It's very nice! I have my own bathroom this time, though it's also the main one... I also figured out how to use the wireless on my computer. We do have cable, however they lied to me and said G4 was one of the channels we would get BUT WE DON'T! We were also underneath the belief that the apartment came with a microwave since it came with a fridge and of course it doesn't. So, tomorrow I'll be going out and getting one. My roommate hasn't moved in yet, but should be here this week and doing all that. It's rather lonely here right now. I'm going to go back home tomorrow and might stay there a little longer though. I dunno, I'll be so happy when school starts again. A lot of my friends are in my classes and there isn't an Avatar show to air in which I won't turn them down on invites. Yes, I was that into once.
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Mirror's Edge [05 Aug 2008|10:25pm]
Listen up peoples! If there is one game you must play, even if you despise video games, Mirror's Edge will be that one game!

Oh and in case you must know about the story

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[04 Aug 2008|01:49pm]
So, currently my one magazine for geek culture got cancelled, yet again. Newtype USA was discontinued in February and now PiQ stopped publication after four issues. I might start buying Otaku magazine which is bimonthly, hopefully I can find the previous issues online. It looks pretty good. It's truly a shame that these geek magazines are not doing so well in the US. Newtype had promise, but I think that maybe it was cancelled due to sales, it was expensive. PiQ was just poorly written and would troll people who wrote in questions. It was just rather insulting. Sad really.

I ordered the Chill Pullip doll. I am going to look for a job downtown, part-time, to have during school so I can buy things for me. I might get a 360 real soon. I dunno. I already reserved Mirror's Edge, Little Big Planet, and Bioshock for the PS3. I'll be posting info on Mirror's Edge shortly. This is a game YOU have to see! And Little Big Planet. Sackboy is so cute!!
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It's the Game of Life [01 Aug 2008|07:40pm]
My job is currently over!! I ended my final day yesterday! I have nothing to do other than catch up on my video games and artwork!! I am working hard on that, but still not entirely satisfied with it. It's getting better. I groan when I go back on my gallery, I feel like taking everything off!! Tomorrow, I am moving into my brand new apartment. However, I won't be living right away for awhile since no cable and internet. So, until those come in, I could care less about the place.

Fatal Frame IV is out in Japan! Still no US release date, though they keep saying it will be seen stateside. Hopefully by this fall. Summer is the horror season in Japan, fall if ours. It looks really scary and quite interesting. I don't think getting rid of the fixed camera was a good idea. It didn't really get in the way of the previous games. Damn you Resident Evil 4! Thanks to you, other horror games cameras are getting fucked around with! Your old camera sucked so you needed fixing. Fatal Frame's didn't! LEAVE IT ALONE! There is a gameplay video on Youtube, but the quality is quite poor. I really want an English version out soon!!!
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Book 4 [28 Jul 2008|10:48pm]
I know, I know, it's not happening. I'm talking about the thing at ComicCon where they have a fictional book 4. Since I did not see it and only heard mention of it on boards, I don't know what exactly it is. I've just heard of them making fun of the crazy shipping that is associated with the fandom. Reason why I haven't seen it is because of my speakers. I just cannot stand the people freaking out over the like tiniest thing. Every time there is a closeup on the screen, there is just this loud burst that comes through and...I can't take it and neither can my poor speakers. It's too much. So, I was wondering if it was just a powerpoint thing or kind of an animated short. And if so, would it be a bonus on the DVD along with the Ursa storyboards that were taken out? I doubt anyone really knows right now, but I was just wondering. I kind of want to see them, without any damage to my speakers and pride as an Avatard. Oh yeah, I still have it with me, even if I don't like Season 3 (or what I have seen as I cannot properly speak on the second half yet).
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I've Been Dreaming of a True Love's Kiss [27 Jul 2008|01:58pm]
Yes, I have finally watched Enchanted. This is going to sound stupid, like many other things I say, I was terrified to watch this. Why? Why indeed. But that doesn't matter. I thought this movie was very cute, until the end, which I will get to later.

The movie starts out in a 2D animated Fairytale kingdom that makes me yearn for the good ol' 2D animated features that weren't from Japan. It kind of bitchslapped Sleeping Beauty in it's own little way, which annoyed me considering Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney Princess film. Eventually, Giselle is forced to go to New York, a place with no happily ever after. Why does it always have to be New York? Detroit is just as good.

When we see Giselle in the real world and that she still has her animated princess abilities, I thought that was very cute and charming. James Marsden who plays Prince Edward is my favorite part of the film. He was just so great in this film. Seeing his character basically adjusting to our world in ways that are just plain comical.

However, the ending bothered me. This film tries to poke fun at the typical fairy tale loves is that the moment they meet they decide to spend the rest of their lives together. I understand that, this was an issue I had when rewatching Thumbelina. It tries to explain the reality of how relationships work in the real world, but at the end, they say "Screw that!" and it just got more cartoonish than the animated moments. Everyone is just getting dumped in the end and you wonder why? Robert leaves Nancy for Giselle and Nancy and Edward get together, but for what real reason? True love? You can't back it up? Earlier in the film Robert didn't understand why Giselle was ready to commit her life to Edward after knowing him for a day and yet his feelings from a five year relationship are just gone in three days to what he thought was a crazy girl! Just what are you trying to say? That the feelings Giselle have for Robert make more sense and deeper than her old ones for Edward when the time difference isn't that big. I couldn't not be cynical, but it did bother me and I'm not alone. I'm going to leave a link here for's review on the film. It's the link to where you can listen to their podcasts and you have to scroll down to read Enchanted's, but I found it very true to this film. Even though they are men, they did think this movie was good for it's target audience.

Overall, I thought Enchanted was a cute and charming film. The songs are very catchy in this movie, the acting is good, James Marden is wonderful and if you hate these kinds of films just watch it for him, and the 2D animation that you see very little of is wonderful. But the message is problematic and it is "True love exists until the next piece of ass comes along."
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Avatar Finale [23 Jul 2008|05:56pm]
I haven't seen it. Nor the episodes after Day of Black Sun. I missed them because of E3 and I wanted to see The Dark Knight which I could only make time for during the finale. Not surprised? I kind of am. There was a time that I would refuse to go out on Friday night's just to watch the series and wouldn't do anything until it was over. That changed when season 3 reared it's ugly head. The charm was gone. I don't think I grew out of the series, the writing was quite bad. This season was suppose to be so "epic" that Nick gave them an extra episode which they didn't use very well. I finally had this discussion with others who felt the same way. It felt good, even though I don't do much conversing because everything I say seems to piss someone off. I also retort back as well, so I guess the only way to win is not be part of the conversation.

I do want to chat about it, but I have heard very mixed things about the season finale. Some loved it and cried, (where are you?) did according to her deviantart journal post and so did Leon from (go there to know who he is, I have linked it before). And yet I heard from other fans that there were many plotholes and questions unanswered that bugged the living hell out of them. The one that bugs everyone is WHERE IS URSA? one. Yeah, that one annoys me as well. I think Ursa was the one key woman in Zuko's life. There should have been much more focus on her than his relationship with Mai (that's all from me on this, I swear!).

Another thing that annoys me is that they had plans for the show and foreshadowed events, however, they were never developed. Iroh's trip to the Spirit World is one, but we knew that awhile ago. I recall them saying Koh would return, but he really doesn't. That online comic is about all it is. I heard that the White Lotus Society is not embellished at all. Just that every old guy is a part of it and do...something.

Once again, I haven't seen it. I plan on seeing it when I get my DVDs just so I can use them other than fan video stuff.
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PULLIPS [21 Jul 2008|08:49pm]
They updated the store! Oh my god, I need a job during the school year!! There is no other choice I have!! I've mentioned I've wanted to do customizations with the dolls. I was thinking of doing some with the Avatar characters. There is one doll that is perfect for Yue and Katara, Nahn-Ato. But since there was no Sokka model unless you get the limited Another King model which is pretty expensive, it wasn't going to happen. Today, I just saw the Sol model and I'm like drooling over it. It's so pretty, I need to buy two before I can tear it apart. The Nahn-Ato one I don't think is that pretty and don't really want it in my collection. TaeYang is the one I drool over the most, his models are the prettiest. A lot of the beautiful Pullip ones are discontinued, but there are still some gorgeous ones. Dal has some cutie ones and would make a good Toph, but a lot of hers aren't that great I think. There isn't a good Aang one unless they make Pullip's younger brother (according to her official biography she has a thirteen year old brother). I'd like to see that one. A nice friend for Dal. Oh, sorry. I just really love these dolls. You need to love them too!
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FFXIII a Non-Exclusive. [14 Jul 2008|06:03pm]
This news upsets me. At today's Microsoft Press Release, in the final moments, they announced that they would be having FFXIII coming to the 360. I hated how they kicked Sony in the nuts with this news, they basically say that. But, as a fan of FF I have to say I honestly feel screwed. From a business standpoint I can somewhat understand. Square-Enix wants to grow an even stronger fanbase in the US, but the thing is for the past three years we have been hearing nothing but this being an exclusive for the PS3. I feel lied to. You couldn't just come out and say you wanted to release it on the 360? Well, you couldn't because Microsoft wasn't interested in you then. What I hate about this are the xbots (basically the jerks who love their 360s and hating on PS3 owners) are now saying we are crying. I guess they don't understand how we feel just yet. With the exception of MGS4, thank god, we've had a good deal of exclusives bought out from us. Bioshock is the only exception to this, but it's not out on the PS3 yet. I do plan on getting it when it does. But, no one cares as it was a 360 exclusive for the longest time. I find Microsoft's plan very annoying. It's the same one they've been doing for years, but it still aggravates me at times. BUY BUY BUY!!! I really want the one-console future to come and have it be made by Apple. It's the only way to please everyone.
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So close! [13 Jul 2008|12:36am]
Yesterday, we bought a scanner!!! HOWEVER!!! Turns out scanners have to be compatible with a certain computer. This one was with a Microsoft, I have a MAC. close.
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